Job Listings:

Category Position Number Position Name Description Location
Executive Positions        
  092002 VP of Federal Sales Click here for details  Arlington, VA
  081000-MDTP Marketing Director Click here for details Baltimore, MD (Tide Point)
  081000-IMDTP Industry-Marketing Director Click here for details Near any major US city with potential B2B customers and a major airport
  081000-BDVPTP Business Development VP Click here for details Boston, MA, Arlington, VA, Dallas TX
  081000-BDEDW Federal Sales Development Executive Click here for details Washington DC, Philadelphia PA, 
AE-1 Account Manager / Sales Executive, Data Services, ISP Click here for details Cincinnati OH, Cleveland OH, Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, Boston Ma, Arlington VA, Chicago Il, Northern NJ
  MR9550 FAA Program Manager Click here for details Arlington, VA
  OP9550-1 Program Manager Federal Programs Manage  Federal Information Technology programs for a growing IT company
Information Technology        
  081000-USAAB Unix Systems Analyst Click here for details Washington DC
  081000-SSPAB Sr. Systems Programmer Click here for details Washington DC
  081000-SSAAB Sr. Systems Analyst Click here for details Washington DC
  081000-SSAC Database Administrator Click here for details Washington DC
  081000-DBAAB Database Administrator Click here for details Washington DC
  RAV-0630 Senior Web Developer Develop Web enabled applications using Java, Cold Fusion,  Washington DC, VA, NJ, MD
  Ku-0627 Oracle DBA Oracle Data Base Administration MD, VA, NJ, MA, NH
  AN-0760 Applications Development Manager Technical Manager to mange both product development and applications programming for a national Document Management Systems company. Must have experience implementing object oriented Web and Client Server based systems. VA
  HGL-0810 PeopleSoft Developers Application developers designing and  implementing PeopleSoft Solutions.  VA, Washington DC, MD, NJ
  ABS-08110 Visual Basic Developers Application Developers programming VB solutions. VA, Washington DC, MD
  QW-1099 Provisioning Specialists Click here for details
  OR-1099 Oracle Developers Must have Clearance! MD, VA, Washington DC
Sales Tel-0615 Telecommunications Sales Sales Position selling Telecommunications services for a major carrier. Washington DC, VA, MD, MA, IL, OH, TX, FL
Customer Service CRS-1 Customer Retention Specialist (S6 level)   Washington DC, VA, MD,
Environmental Engineer Project Management CH-630 Environmental Project Engineer Project management experience for municipal water supply and wastewater treatment systems. Local Permitting and client interaction skills and experience required.  

If interested in any of the above positions please call or forward your resume to:

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Tower Technologies Inc., 1705 Treehouse CT. Annapolis, MD 21401,

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