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Level of Service Project Staffing

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Level of Service Recruiting:
Similar to retainer-based search, we developed this approach to assist companies who are continually hiring similarly skilled resources. Our recruiter meets with the hiring managers to develop a recruiting plan and candidate review process that matches your long-term staffing needs. Soon afterward, the recruiter works with our in-house researchers to identify potential candidates and pre-screen their qualifications and suitability for the assignments. Then, the recruiter will present a steady stream of pre-qualified candidate resumes to the hiring mangers and manage the interview cycle of those candidates of interest. This approach works well when staffing for large projects or simply marching steady on-going hiring needs.

Project Staffing Recruiting:
This  is used to staff complete project teams for various organizations weather they be local or remote locations based upon expected business needs or proposed business.  Our recruiter and researchers meet with you to gain an understanding of the people skills required, work location, salary requirements, and project staffing timeline. We then source-out and pre-screen a project team on a turn-key basis for your manager to interview and hire. This is ideal for remote projects.

Level of Service Project Staffing:
Our recruiters provide your company with a continual flow of candidates. Pools of qualified individuals are created and maintained to provide “Just In Time” staffing solutions based on your company’s quarterly staffing plan.

This service is ideal for service companies and government contractors who are generally contract-oriented.  Utilizing this service can help you maximize revenues and keep your project delivery schedules on time.

On-Site Contract Recruiting:
Tower's recruiters can function on an on-site basis as an extension to your in-house recruiting organization to assist filling short-term staffing needs. For a per-hour rate, or monthly fee we will place an experienced recruiter on site to work with your hiring managers and implement a recruiting process.

Technology Solutions:

Contract for Hire:
This approach allows you to try an employee out on a contract basis before committing to hire them full-time. This method is beneficial to both parties, allowing them both plenty of time to determine if there is a match.

Consulting Services:
TTi offers a wide range of consulting services ranging from salary studies, organizational consulting, training and information.

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