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Technical Project Team Staffing – 
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Often, when pursuing an RFP, a new pieces of business, developing a new business prototype, or interim staffing the in house recruiting organization may not have to time to dedicate to recruit a large number of new employees within a short time frame or for a remote location. This is often the case when responding to the Federal Government initiatives which often require specific “Agency” or “Federal Program” and Technological experience including  people with special clearance requirements.

TTi can put together a project team of recruiters, researchers and technical writers, if required, to quickly research the exact requirement, source , recruit and hire those hard to find resources in order to fulfill the Project Requirements. We will for a flat fee staff the entire project or  a portion of it.

This approach also works well when staffing for:

·         New Sales Team Staffing –

·         New Product Marketing Launches,

·         Remote Project team Staffing

·         Provisioning Team Staffing,

·        New Market Installations in remote locations

This approach often will give your company the competitive edge in opening a  new market and rapidly capturing market share. As companies aggressively target new markets it is often more efficient to have a team go in and hire a complete sales organization from the Sales Management Team, to the Account executives, the Sales Engineers and support staff.

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