Contingency & Retained Search Solutions:
The Process

The Process

Types of Search

The Process:

Phase I:
Client Meeting
A team comprised of a Partner, the Senior Recruiter in Charge of the Assignment and a Researcher will meet with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the position requirements and the environmental culture of your organization. This is to match both technical and soft skills. Our services at this stage include drafting a job description ( if required) that combines your needs and desires with similar position descriptions at competitor organizations. We will also assess your needs in terms of the organizations you would like us to target and the level of confidentiality with which you would like the search conducted.  In addition, a M/WBE plan for each assignment is drafted to assist in uncovering qualified candidates  with diverse backgrounds.  Additionally, we will consult with you on compensation issues.
On being advised of your requirements and the parameters of the search, our research department will begin a comprehensive and time-effective search of individuals that might be suitable. Our process insures candidates of diversity are included in a search process.  Within a short period of time, sometimes within a few days, you will be presented with qualified potential candidates with diverse backgrounds..
The recruiters assigned to this search will contact each individual on the research list to determine qualifications. The results of this process are provided to you and candidates that are not a fit are screened out. Preliminary reference checking is done at this point. Individuals whose backgrounds and compensation structures are not appropriate are also then screened out. Only the resumes of fully qualified individuals are forwarded to you or posted on our Web Site Client area for you to review. Often many of these candidates are not actively looking so the team then proceeds in a persuasive mode to encourage the pool of candidates to consider a career change.

Phase II:

At this point, the Recruiter will meet with the best candidates, in your estimation, and provide you with comprehensive profiles, including both professional and personal information. The client will then interview only the best two or three candidates for each open position.

Phase III:

A final and more extensive reference check is done for the top two candidates with a report to the client. The top candidate is then chosen with a runner-up.
Our team conducts the negotiating process, assuring an outcome that is fair and satisfactory and successful to all parties. Taking extra care during this phase often will make the difference between a short term or a long term employee.

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