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Types of Search

Types of Search:

Employment Agency - works on behalf of the applicant  
An employment agency finds jobs for people. The pool of   applicants is limited to those persons who are seeking employment and have registered with the agency. The agency receives a fee for successful placement of individuals.

Publication Advertising - newspaper and magazine ads; Internet
The company publishes a print or electronic ad announcing a specific job opening and the necessary qualifications. Interested individuals respond by mail, fax, or email. Hiring with this process can save fees, but is time-consuming.

Contingency Search - search firm hired to submit resumes
A Contingency Search is used primarily to staff lower and middle management positions. A pool of candidates is submitted (sometimes by several search firms), then the client must review each resume and conduct interviews - a time-consuming process. The client pays a fee to the search firm who represents the chosen candidate.

Retained Search - search firm works on behalf of the client
Retained Searches are primarily used to staff senior management positions. Ideal candidates for these positions are typically not actively seeking new employment. The search firm is hired to identify potential candidates who may fit the corporate culture. The firm will contact and interview a short list of candidates and present them to the client. Retainer fees are typically paid along with a percent of candidate's salary.

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